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We help people who might need to go through the probate process or that need help with a property they can not sell due to legal or estate issues. There is no obligation and your information is confidential. The only thing we ask for is first right to offer and purchase these properties. We can help because we are experts; over the years we have received calls from our clients who could not resolve their problems with an estate. I’m happy to say that in most cases we have been able to find a way to help our clients.


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We Pay for all court and legal fees
  • We pay for all your legal fees, court fees, skip tracing fees (if needed), Private investigators (if needed) and other costs.The cost of a probate case depends on the complexity of that case. The cost can easily exceed $5000 or more. But more importantly if not done correctly you can be out of pocket on all these fees and you still might not be able to sell the property. The the courts will not give you the authority to sell if everything was not done correctly.
As is
  • We buy your property directly. You will not have to pay up to 6% to realtors and go through that process which many people dislike. The other issues with Realtors is that they make promises they simply can’t keep. Realtors also want you be locked into a 6 month listing contract. We simply come in inspect the property and give you an all inclusive offer.
No repairs needed
  • We will buy your property without you having to do any repairs or updates. Many properties have been left like they were 20 to 40 years ago. The costs can be very high for home owners to upgrade especially if the bathrooms and kitchen need to be redone. The numbers might not add up once you figure out how much you have to spend on the property to bring it into today standards. With us we buy it as is where is.
Cleaning out the Property 
  • You will not have to clean out the house (unless you want to). In many cases the home owner has lived in this house and has accumulated 20 to 30 years worth of stuff. We can help with this process.
Fast Closing
  • We can close within 48 hours once I visit the home and all the paperwork is in place. If you need more time that would not be a problem. We will work with you to find a suitable time frame to close.
Experts in the hard to do Probate, inherited properties and Estate cases
  • After so many years of doing this work we have become expert in this process, especially the hard to do cases. Many times I have walked into someone’s home and they think its a lost cause. I almost always find a way. In 99% of all the cases that I have taken on I have been able to get hard the desired results.

Beginning the Probate Process

Probate is the process of identifying the assets that belong to an estate, using those assets to pay any outstanding debts or obligations, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries identified in a will or, if no will is available, according to the laws of Florida. Upon the death of an individual, the first step in the probate process is the opening of the estate. This happens when the personal representative identified in a will, or an intended beneficiary of the estate, notifies the court of the need to open and administer the estate.

In order to prepare for the opening of the estate, several steps should ideally be taken in order to ensure that the future probate administration proceeds as smoothly as possible. Firstly, the personal representative of the estate should begin to assess the nature of the estate, including its size, assets to be included, and possible outstanding debts. As all assets must be accounted for during the probate administration process, it is important to begin to develop a list of these assets and their relevant details.

The personal representative should also seek out a qualified Florida probate attorney. Under Florida law, a personal representative is required to hire an attorney unless (1) the personal representative is himself an admitted Florida attorney or (2) the personal representative is the only interested party to the estate. A qualified attorney will help guide the administration of the estate and anticipate any issues that may arise or lead to probate litigation.

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Summary Probate Administration

Summary administration is considered a “shortcut” for certain Florida estates that can be used to avoid the more lengthy formal process. Under the Florida Probate Code, the summary process is only available if (1) the deceased’s death occurred more than two years ago or (2) the value of the probate estate, excluding nonprobate assets is not more than $75,000.

The summary process can be started by the executor of the estate or by anyone who is to inherit property from the estate. The first step is to file a Petition for Summary Administration, which states that the estate qualifies for summary administration and lists all assets of the estate and all beneficiaries of such assets. In order to ensure against any outstanding conflicts or concerns, all named beneficiaries to the estate must either sign the petition or be given notice of it. Assuming no issues are raised, the Petition for Summary Administration allows the court to issue an order releasing all listed property to its proper beneficiaries, thereby avoiding a more lengthy administration process.

Formal Probate Administration

For those estates that do not meet the qualifications for summary administration, a more formal probate process is required. Formal administration begins when the court appoints a personal representative of the estate. The duties of the personal representative are set forth in great detail in the Florida Probate Code and include taking inventory of all assets of the estate, paying off all debits, and then distributing the remaining assets.

During the formal process, anyone who believes they are owed money by the deceased individual or his/her estate must be given time to come forward and make a claim. The personal representative must address such claims and provide a final report to the court showing how the assets of the estate are to be distributed. Depending on the nature and size of the state, and the various claims that might arise, the formal administration process can take anywhere from four months to several years.

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