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We Pay All Court & Legal Fees!

We Buy Your House Directly...As Is!

We Can Close Fast...Often Within 48 Hours!

We Will Handle the Cleanout!

No House Repairs or Updating Needed!

We Are the Experts With Years of Probate & Real Estate Experience!

Do you need to go through the probate process? Are you lost on how to do it properly? Do you need help with a property that can’t be sold due to legal or estate issues? We’re here to help!

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We pay for all the legal fees, court fees, skip tracing fees, private investigators (if needed) and other costs. The probate courts will not give you the authority to sell if everything is not done correctly so let us handle all of that for you.

The only thing we ask in return is the first right to offer and purchase these properties. You will not have to pay up to 6% commission to real estate agents or brokers because we buy directly from you and the estate.

We will also buy your property AS IS without you having to do any repairs or upgrades. Nor will you have to clean out the house (unless you want to) because we can help or even completely handle this process.

“Many times we have walked into someone’s home and they tell us it’s a lost cause. But if there’s a way, we’ll find it. Even if there are family members disagreeing or unable to be found.”

Need to close quickly? No problem! We can close on the purchase within 48 hours of visiting the home and completing all of the paperwork.

Need more time to get things in order? We’re flexible! If you need additional time, this isn’t a problem. We will work with you to find a suitable time frame for closing.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with the experts in the difficult-to-navigate world of probate, inherited properties and estate cases.

After many years of doing this line of work, we have become experts in this process, and even the most complex cases are handled promptly.

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